Small Yet Open

Not all small homes are actually “small”. If you make the most out of your space, then you will never feel the walls caving in. There are plenty of small homes across the nation and they are making bold statements. Smaller living provides plenty of positive opportunities. Some include, saving money, saving time, saving resources, and so many more. If you are going to live in a small space, there arep lenty of tips and tricks to make your home provide plenty of space.


Small, Functional Home

“You have to force yourself to have a place for everything and storage becomes critical so it forces people to think about what they bring in,” she says. “Maintenance overall also decreases and goes back to being green. It frees up time. Less cleaning, less maintenance.” –Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian 

If you make the interior perfect, you can have a lot of space in a small home. White walls give the sense of open spaces. Large windows provide plenty of light and the illusion that the room keeps going to the outside. Modern artwork makes the house seem interesting and unique. Items around the house can help distract you from the size and focus on the quality of the home.

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